Founded in 2009, Sigma Beauty quickly grew into a well-known international online beauty store. Today, Sigma Beauty is a global company with 250+ retailers in 70+ countries.

Sigma Beauty knew that maintaining brand loyalty meant migrating to a seamless customer platform that could offer a unified B2B and B2C experience. With a rebranding strategy planned for 2018 and ambitious online revenue goals, Sigma reached out to Corra with clear objectives in mind: increase B2B efficiency and productivity, reduce load times to handle the peaks driven by email campaigns, and create an engaging experience targeted to their audience.

Corra has successfully completed more Magento 2 implementations than any other agency, and proved to be a partner with unparalleled experience in the beauty industry.


  • Replatform to Magento 2
  • Back-end Integrations
  • Customer Experience Strategy & Design