Corra Launches PWA for Salt Life – One of the Fastest Ever on Adobe Commerce

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Duke Marr
  • Corra recently launched one of the fastest Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) ever built on Adobe Commerce for our client Salt Life.  When benchmarked against other PWAs built on Adobe Commerce, Salt Life outperforms in terms of page speed and visual stability, as measured by Google’s Core Web Vitals. 
  • Corra came in on budget and met a tight deadline by leveraging PYLOT, a feature-complete, proven, enterprise-level, highly performant, and scalable PWA and headless commerce framework architected to integrate with Adobe Commerce easily. 
  • Corra’s team followed an Agile project methodology that focuses on working on the highest priority needs in a backlog and delivering in iterative two-week sprints. This mitigates the risk of higher budgets and longer timelines.

PWA Saltlife

Not All PWAs are created equal

Corra is pleased to announce the launch of a Progressive Web App (PWA) for Salt Life. Acquired by Delta Apparel in 2013, Salt Life is more than a leading lifestyle brand, it is a way of life for many who love the ocean. Larry Laska, Salt Life’s VP of Ecommerce said, “Our new PWA site is so fast! We couldn’t be more pleased with the performance scores. Corra’s agile process and attention to detail were critical to getting us to this launch!” 

Salt Life joined Corra’s 24/7 managed services program, TotalCare, in 2021. In addition to application support, maintenance, and site enhancement services, the TotalCare team gave Salt Life the strategic guidance to migrate to a PWA with a headless architecture based on Corra’s full-stack framework, PYLOT.

Working in our agile methodology, Corra was able to quickly define deliverables and build a PWA storefront hosted on Webscale. By leveraging the out-of-the-box features of PYLOT, a future-proof headless framework that accelerates the development and deployment of headless backends and PWA frontends, Corra was able to come in under budget and within a tight timeline. 

In benchmarking the new site versus three others built by different agencies on Adobe Commerce, we are seeing better mobile  performance in a number of areas:



Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)35% faster
First Input Delay (FIP)52% faster
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)85% more visually stable



Two of the sites used for this benchmarking are now Corra clients, working with us to migrate their underperforming PWAs to Corra’s proven solution.  

If you would like an introduction to the benefits of PWA, watch Corra’s video: Progressive Web Apps Explained in 3 Minutes.

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Duke Marr

Duke Marr is Corra's Senior VP Strategy and Marketing. Duke has enjoyed a 20+ year career in ecommerce, working on both agency and brand sides. In his role at Corra, he acts as a touch point for clients as they navigate the big decisions about their customer experience strategy, while also overseeing all of Corra’s own marketing efforts.


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