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Building and Scaling Shopify Plus Sites

Corra’s Shopify Plus experts take you through everything to consider from understanding if the platform is right for you, to fine-tuning the experience, integrating must-have technologies, reducing purchasing friction, driving traffic, and conve ...

Video: Progressive Web Apps and Other Strategies to Increase Revenue on Mobile
The following webinar was a session from Corra’s Commerce Talks series. We...
Elemis is Live on FWRD: The First PWA Accelerator for Magento Commerce Cloud
Key Project Highlights: Corra delivered a Progressive Web App on Magento Commerc...
Stress-Free Digital Transformation for B2B Ecommerce

Did you know that 70% of digital transformation programs fail to reach their

Watch: Progressive Web Apps Explained in 3 Minutes 
In this 3 minute video, Erica Mazzucato, Corra’s Senior Product Marketing ...
Commerce Talks Magento

Two days of sessions, one overarching theme: Magento.

Join Corra, Mage

Stats About Loyalty Every Beauty Brand Should Know
This blog post was recently updated in 2020. Reach out to Corra if you would lik...
Shopify Plus Commerce Talks: Building Creed’s Site
The following webinar was a session from Corra’s Commerce Talks series. We...
Commerce Crosswords Nº 03
For Commerce Crosswords No. 03 we thought we would take you on a scavenger hunt ...
Reorganizing Corra to Reposition for Future Growth
The following post was originally published as a press release you can read in f...
Behind the Build: Shopify Plus

Join Corra on June 30th at 1pm ET as we dive into how to build and scale your

Actionable Recommendations to Increase Conversions in 2020
For this blog post, we interviewed Corra’s Veronica Abramov, Digital Strat...
Commerce Crosswords Nº 02
We’re back with another edition of Commerce Crosswords. This time we’re testing ...
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