Corra Wins Best Places to Work Award in Multiple Major Markets!

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Everybody has to work—it’s a fact of life. Working doesn’t have to be “work” though. According to the Best Places to Work Program, Corra has always been an amazing place to work and it’s only getting better. Best Places to Work Programs don’t only measure metrics like salary numbers; they measure quality of life and professional growth features of companies. The qualities they look for include: company practices, programs and benefits, workplace culture, flexibility, work-life balance, volunteer efforts, and training and career advancement opportunities. 


Corra has 19 wins overall, and we had some of our best finishes ever this year. In Best Places to Work in New Jersey by NJbiz, Corra was previously ranked #14 and moved up this year to #3. Our 33rd ranking in the Southern California area is now a 2nd overall ranking by Best Companies Group (incredible!). In the New York market we were previously ranked 69th in 2016, and this year we’re ranked 15th by Crain’s Best Places to work in NYC!


This is moving in an exciting direction. Corra not only wants to expand our business opportunities, but we also want to expand our employee offerings every year. This type of affirmation gives us the momentum we need to continue leveraging resources and energy into not only making Corra an amazing place to work with, but also an amazing place to work for. 


The pandemic changed everything for everyone, and Corra was no different in that regard. Since the pandemic, Corra has become a remote-first company. This means that we prioritize employees’ work-life balance and empower everyone who works here to make the best choice for them. The Best Places to Work awards weigh employee flexibility and happiness heavily in their rankings, and Corra’s move to remote-first played a part in our outstanding positions in this year’s rankings. 


Sue Monroe, Corra’s Vice President of Global Human Resources, had this to say about remote-first: “Pre-pandemic Corra was a hybrid organization, and when the pandemic hit we moved to remote work in all our locations globally. In 2022, we officially established Corra as a remote first organization to offer our employees continued flexibility and work-life balance. Employees appreciated that the time spent commuting to and from work would now provide them with more personal time. Our remote first organization provides a flexible work environment that allows our employees to work from nearly any location. This new model will continue to provide employees a more flexible environment that intentionally combines the benefits of remote work while offering in-person employee engagement opportunities among teams and colleagues.”


The fact that Corra is one of the best places to work in multiple commerce hubs across the country is an achievement! We all know that the greatness of a company isn’t only located in the company itself, it’s the people who work there. A hearty congratulations is well-deserved for everyone under the Corra umbrella. Your hard work is not only recognized, it is appreciated. 



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