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Headless Commerce
Done Right

Out-of-the-box, Pylot by Corra is a fully supported PWA storefront for headless commerce.

Pylot delivers a modern, mobile-first customer experience built on a microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native architecture.

Increase in
Mobile Revenue
Increase in Mobile
Conversion Rates
First Input Delay
on PDP
Built for the enterprise

Migrate Switch to a better customer experience

By decoupling your front-end, Pylot allows marketing teams to design, test and iterate experiences your customers demand and IT departments to prepare for the future at a pace that makes sense for the business without needing to rip and replace your legacy systems.

Proven to run at scale

Pylot was architected from the ground up delivering lightning-fast performance at enterprise scale.

Fast, feature rich & high converting

Pre-built components allow for server-side rendering, client-side rendering and static page generation, all running as close to the cloud’s edge as possible.

Developed for microservices

Through its microservices data integration layer, Pylot natively consumes a variety of services delivered via GraphQL, REST and other APIs.

One Solution, Endless Possibilities.


A headless data integration framework offering a variety of pre-integrated, fully supported microservices.


An extensive library of UI components that can be assembled to create a scalable PWA storefront.


A mobile-first theme allowing marketing and merchandising teams to easily update content blocks and branded elements.

Supported Platforms:
+     Custom (Chat with us)
of brands are already considering building a PWA*.
*Corra, The Future of Mobile Commerce Survey
Get the power of PWA

A recent survey conducted by Corra showed that 24% of ecommerce leaders are already considering implementing a PWA, and for good reason. With Pylot, you can join them and embrace the future without having to transform your entire digital ecosystem first.

Own Your Destiny

Ever wondered what your business could accomplish by adopting a headless approach? Pylot lets you modernize your tech stack in a modular way and extend it with ready-to-deploy solutions, starting with your front end experience.

Go live with your storefront faster and accelerate payback time because of a lower TCO.

Build on Solid Foundations


Pylot is the culmination of Corra’s 12+ years delivering commerce experiences to many of the world’s most technically savvy, creatively discerning brands, and the recent 3-years maturing our PWA and headless technology.

Pylot brings this knowhow to life with a turnkey, mobile-first storefront that can be customized through more than 400 + prebuilt components to launch truly unique customer journeys on top of almost any monolithic commerce platform.

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