Give the People What They Want—A Tour of Corra’s Recent Custom Product Configurators

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At Corra, we love projects that push the boundaries of innovation, and challenge us internally to go to creative places we’ve never been before. Solving problems agnostically is a huge prerogative for us. We want to provide our clients with the best possible solution, regardless of how out of the box or bespoke the result is. 

Clients want to give their customers the best product or service possible, and Corra is a trusted partner in that pursuit. When these two goals meet—Corra’s interest in creatively and agnostically solving complex issues in projects, and the brand’s desire to give their customers the best possible experience—great things happen. 

One of the great things that come from this intersection are custom product configurators. Custom configurators are some of Corra’s favorite applications to develop because it challenges us to push design and UX boundaries, and it allows our clients to give their customers exactly what they want. 

We’re going to go over some of the latest, and most exciting, custom configurators that Corra has built for our clients to show off what commitment and creativity can yield, and to stoke the imaginations of other brands that might want a little of that Corra magic sprinkled over their next storefront redesign.


Salt Life is more than a brand, they’re a lifestyle hub. And with their new headless, Pylot based PWA website, customers can access that lifestyle faster and more efficiently than ever before. Not only does Salt Life have all the products needed to enjoy the water or beach, but they also have a treasure trove of information and resources to allow their customers to make the most of their water recreation oasis. From information about local flora and fauna to an ability to research diving and fishing charters, Salt Life doesn’t just supply the shirt on beachgoers’ backs, they also inform customers of the best places and ways to enjoy their vacations. 

Speaking of shirts though, Corra built Salt Life a custom T-shirt configurator so that Salt Life customers can represent their love of the water-based lifestyle however they choose. The configurator offers six colors, six sizes, and the ability for customers to upload their own chosen images and write custom text (with multiple font options) for the front or back of the shirt. This feature is perfect for a small business like a boat captain ordering custom shirts for the crew manning their next fishing expedition. Salt Life knows its brand is a social hub, and this custom t-shirt configurator is one more way they’re reaching out to its customers with open arms, offering products and services to foster water-based recreation and community.


ASSA ABLOY is one of the largest manufacturers of security and access control solutions in the world. They are a Swedish conglomerate present in more than 70 countries and are the market leaders in mechanical and electromechanical locking, access control, identification technology, entrance automation, security doors, hotel security, and mobile access solutions.

Corra provided them with a custom configurator tool to not only make sure that their customers get the right configuration of their product but also to educate their B2B customers. ASSA ABLOY sells very complex products, and as such, it can be confusing to know what to purchase. With ASSA ABLOY’s Corra-built configurator tool, customers can discover and filter products, and then use the website to configure their products with all the applicable possibilities presented to them. These possibilities and filtering options include color and various other access solution variables like lock type, voltage for electronic locks, holding force, and power source. Once the product is configured, customers receive a part number that allows them to either purchase the product or continue researching. This tool provides ease of discovery in a complex setting while making sure doors across the world are locked when we need them to be.


The Shopify-based Roxanne Assoulin website is both beautiful and impressive. Their signature colorful bracelets are loved by customers and celebrities alike for their recognizable style and the glamorous flourish they add to any outfit. Roxanne Assoulin asked Corra to take their offerings to the next level and build them a custom configurator for their bracelets.

The website has robust product offerings independent of the custom configurator, and adding in the ability for customers to create a personalized bracelet, there’s an entire world of jewelry on their website. The custom configurator offers a massive amount of optionality—the color and shape of the jewels can be selected by the user. The size of the bracelet and the ability to select pre-made patterns or individually choose every single link in the bracelet is part of the optionality of this one-of-a-kind jewelry configurator. Combine all the options, and this tool contains tens of thousands of possible bracelets just waiting to be configured.


A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, so is a picture frame. is a trusted name in home decor, offering frames and framing solutions. Corra delivered them a custom framing configurator that allows customers to choose from over 350 frames to house their personally uploaded photo. Once the frame is selected, customers can choose the size of their frame with offerings beginning at seven inches and extending up to 83 inches with some frames. There are also options for framing mats, as well as a dropdown menu offering a selection of acrylic front and back covering. Corra and teamed up to give customers the freedom to decorate their walls so they can turn a house into a home with their personalized flair.


Sugarfina is a one-of-a-kind experience for your sweet tooth. An artisanal, adult candy boutique, Sugarfina has delectable treats from all over the world. With brick-and-mortar stores, as well as a beautifully designed, and elegantly functional website, Sugarfina is set up to provide customers with delicious and novel candy no matter how they’d like to purchase it.

Stealing the show though is the build-your-own candy bento box that Corra designed for Sugarfina. Customers choose what size box they’d like, ranging from a cute and tidy three-piece box, to a large and option-filled 20-piece trunk. Once the size is selected, shoppers choose between which decorative box they’d like, and then the real fun starts—choosing candy. There are filters and dozens of options to choose from. Candy-curious shoppers can sort by candy type, (gummies, chocolate, seasonal candy, etc.) color, (to make sure your custom-created bento box looks as great as it tastes), and dietary need to make sure that this delicious treat also corresponds to whatever works best for whoever is going to be enjoying it. There’s a whole world of candy out there, and Sugarfina is doing their best to make sure you see every inch of it.


Crafting the Future of Commerce

Corra, a Publicis Sapient company, is the global commerce leader and SI helping brands and organizations grow by evaluating, building, and optimizing their digital commerce ecosystems. Our vast experience with composable and headless implementations speeds time-to-value and provides technical freedom to our clients. Our TotalCare managed services program provides gold-standard support, enhancements and ongoing commerce strategy. We are strategic thinkers, accomplished engineers, and award-winning experience designers. We believe outstanding customer experiences can’t exist without flawless technology, and that flawless technology is pointless without beautiful, human-centered design. Our clients are an integral part of our team. Together, we remove the obstacles that are limiting growth and discover new opportunities. We don’t rest until our clients achieve their full potential. Our clients’ KPIs are our KPIs. We have 20 years of experience in commerce technology, but we also know that customer expectations are constantly evolving. For this reason, we’ve built future-proof solutions and refined an agile execution process that helps our clients achieve more with less. As a Publicis Sapient company, Corra joins a global network spanning 20,000 people with 53 offices around the world enabling us to accelerate our clients’ businesses through designing and building the experiences and services their customers demand.

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