A Deep Dive Into Headless Commerce

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn what headless commerce means,
what benefits it delivers and why the time to make the move is approaching fast. Many of today’s most effective shopping experiences are already powered by headless systems. Merchants who fail to make the switch may be left behind by more nimble competitors.

How More B2B Retailers are Streamlining Their User Experiences
There’s a mindset shift taking place within legacy B2B retailers. As younger generations move into leadership positions and expect faster, more intuit...
Headless Commerce: Future Proof Your Digital Strategy

A traditional monolithic website build will soon be obsolete. Today’s B2C and

How to Sell Your Internal Team on Progressive Web Apps
By now, the general consensus about PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) at your office may be skepticism, intrigue, hesitation or some concoction of the three...
Migrating to Magento 2

Magento released the 2.3 version in 2018 with robust functionality that excee

Top Ecommerce Trends of 2019

As purchasing online becomes easier, convenient, and engaging for consumers,

Insights to Increase Your Conversion Rate on Mobile
Newsflash! Mobile is NOT the future. It’s the present AND the future (perfectly stated by Corra’s lead UX Strategist, David Yates). Mobile now sits ab...
Strategies to Prevent ‘Subscription Exhaust’ and Boost Recurring Revenue
With the industry shift toward Headless Commerce, comes new ways to quickly iterate your ecommerce model to capitalize on revenue-driving trends, like...
Corra Unveils Conversion Accelerator
A collection of audits and actionable findings designed to increase conversions by at least 15% in 30 days. To run a small to medium-sized ecommerce b...
The Ecommerce Evolution of Food and Beverage Brands

Food and beverage is easily the largest retail category in the country, but i

Optimize your Checkout UX to Maximize Conversions
At Corra, we don’t like to throw around the term “best practice” too often. Why? Because when it comes to services like user experience design, the on...
The Power of Customer Centric Personalization
Take a moment to consider your homepage. Why is a piece of content where it is? What’s the rationale behind the navigation panel design, the supportin...
Corra’s Favorite Customer Journeys on Shopify Right Now
The Corra office has been buzzing with Shopify intel ever since our team attended Unite in Toronto this past quarter. Of course, there has been a lot ...
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