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The Future of Ecommerce Technology

True success in ecommerce is more than purchasing the newest platforms and most sophisticated tools. Success requires a comprehensive and holistic strategy that integrates this new technology into a business’s broader vision and go-to-market pla ...

Adobe Commerce is the Past, Present, and Future of B2B Commerce
The era of users having different expectations for D2C and B2B experiences is ov...
Corra’s Most Recent UX-Centered B2B Implementations
B2B commerce solutions used to be an afterthought in terms of solution technolog...
Contentful, Corsair, and Corra: Exhibiting the Possibilities of Composable Content Management
These days, an ecommerce site needs to have more than basic commerce capability—...
A Deep Dive Into Modern Commerce

The business leader’s guide to a modern commerce strategy. Are you confident

Site Search is More Than Finding What You’re Looking For: Algolia and AI-Powered Discovery
What customers expect from a commerce experience is changing rapidly, and along ...
Generative AI is Transforming Online Search Right Before Our Eyes
With the daily avalanche of AI-related news—ranging from mundane marketing jargo...
The Natural Evolution of Commerce Architectures

As with any ecosystem, the evolutionary path leading to today’s best-of-breed

5 Things to Know About Composable Commerce
Corra is committed to providing our clients with the best commerce solutions for...
Give the People What They Want—A Tour of Corra’s Recent Custom Product Configurators
At Corra, we love projects that push the boundaries of innovation, and challenge...
There’s A Right Way to Measure Page Speed
There’s a Right Way to Measure Page Speed One of the most important aspects of a...
L’ANZA’S New Look—A Feature Rich D2C and B2B Storefront
L’ANZA has been a shelf staple at beauty stores and hair salons for years, and s...
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