Video: Destination D2C With Baked By Melissa

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Morgan Hipps

The following video recording was a session from DSTN: D2C Online with our partner Yotpo and our client Baked by Melissa. Watch Corra’s session featuring hosts Michael Harvey, Shannon Fay, and Eric Griego below. 

Destination D2C How we built this promotional image featuring the speakers names and titles.


Learn about the building blocks required for a successful website build, from the overarching ecommerce strategy to the specific components of a winning tech stack. This is a session from Destination D2C Online: How We Built This with Baked by Melissa – featuring hosts Michael Harvey, Shannon Fay, and Eric Griego.

Want more content? Check out our case study on the Baked by Melissa project, “A Sweeter Commerce Experience” or our 2020 Holiday Guide with advice from Yotpo and other Corra technology partners.

Morgan Hipps

Morgan is the Content Associate at Corra. She enjoys bringing tech-speak to life through storytelling and content strategy. Her favorite topics to write about are the innovative customer experiences of leading fashion and lifestyle brands.


Corra is the global digital agency that leading brands and B2B organizations trust to accelerate their growth. Working at the intersection of commerce technology and customer experience strategy, we deliver comprehensive digital solutions that convert and retain customers in the long term.

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