Sigma Beauty: The World’s First Magento 2.2 B2B and B2C Site is Now Live

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Erica Mazzucato

Corra is thrilled to announce that the new Sigma Beauty experience is now live as the world’s first B2B and B2C site on Magento Commerce Cloud 2.2.

Founded in 2009, Sigma Beauty quickly grew into a well-known international online beauty store. Today, Sigma Beauty is a global company with 250+ retailers in 70+ countries.

The success of the brand relies on exceptional product quality, and on the ability to market innovations through social-driven strategies. Raved by beauty enthusiasts around the globe, Sigma Beauty partners with an extensive network of influencers that advocate the brand and drive traffic through their affiliate links.

Sigma Beauty knew that maintaining brand loyalty meant migrating to a seamless customer platform that could offer a unified B2B and B2C experience. With a rebranding strategy planned for 2018 and ambitious online revenue goals, Sigma reached out to Corra with clear objectives in mind: increase B2B efficiency and productivity, reduce load times to handle the peaks driven by email campaigns, and create an engaging experience targeted to their audience.

Corra has successfully completed more Magento 2 implementations than any other agency and proved to have unparalleled Magento experience. In addition to this, Sigma Beauty wanted to leverage the extensive expertise of the team in the realm of the beauty industry. In the words of Tara Nussmeier, Sigma Beauty’s Executive Director, “since we started working with Corra, I’ve been impressed by the competence, talent, and experience of the team.”

Project Overview

At first glance, the site stands out for lightning speed and stunning visuals. “Corra’s designers were impressive from the beginning of the sales process”, recalled Tara Nussmeier. “They were able to align the visual identity of our site with the brand vision of Sigma’s founders.”

The Corra team started by optimizing the code to ensure that high-resolution images are rendering as fast as possible. The immersive experience remains consistent through each device, and it’s further enriched by engaging UX features. In addition to browsing traditional categories, users can find beauty inspiration through social content, video tutorials, and beauty guides created by Sigma Beauty’s community of influencers.

Through category-specific filters, Sigma Beauty’s customers can narrow down the beauty tools and makeup items that are most relevant to them, while discovering the benefits and innovation of patented products.

An interesting new functionality of the product page is the quick add-on hover, which also allows to easily select makeup colors from a drop-down menu.

Instead of building a complex B2B functionality from scratch, the Magento Commerce Cloud 2.2 native B2B module allowed Sigma Beauty to quickly go to market with an out-of-the-box solution. The integrated Admin panel includes everything Sigma Beauty needs to effortlessly manage their operations.

On the UX side, Corra conducted a competitive analysis to identify the most effective B2B best practices for the beauty industry. From there, the Design team came up with a unique functionality that fits into the contemporary design of the B2C site while allowing Sigma’s B2B users to access and order product seamlessly.

Moreover, with Magento Commerce Cloud 2.2, Sigma Beauty can now leverage the Advanced Reporting functionality powered by Magento Business Intelligence. The intuitive dashboard enables data-driven decision making and provides order, product, and customer reports right from the Magento Admin.


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Corra developed a stunning site in only 3 months and provided the platform for Sigma Beauty’s future growth.  Throughout the project, Corra acted as a consultant and offered expert advice to guarantee a successful outcome. As Sigma Beauty’s Executive Director recalls, “Corra has always executed as promised, and we are benefitting from this planning and flow of documentation like never before.”

Immediately after launch, Sigma Beauty experienced a 38% decrease in load time and enjoyed a stream of positive feedback from their loyal customers.

Erica Mazzucato

Erica Mazzucato is Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Corra. In her role, she defines the go-to-market strategy of the services offered by the agency and serves as an in-house expert on market and industry trends.


Corra is the global digital agency that leading brands and B2B organizations trust to accelerate their growth. Working at the intersection of commerce technology and customer experience strategy, we deliver comprehensive digital solutions that convert and retain customers in the long term.

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