On Display: Magento Showcases Certified Developers in Partner Profiles

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Earlier this year, at its 2012 Imagine Ecommerce Conference in Las Vegas, Magento, the world’s fastest growing ecommerce platform, let us all know just how valuable its new Developer Certification program is.  Magento is now requiring at least four Magento Certified Developers on staff in order for Gold Solutions Partners to retain their elite status.  And to add complete transparency, Magento now requires Solution Partners to maintain a counter on their profile page on the Magento website that automatically updates when an engineer passes either the Developer or Developer Plus exam.  So you know what that means…the race is on!

In 2012 Magento launched its long-awaited certification program, offering merchants and Solutions Partners a reliable means of identifying developers with the expertise and experience needed to execute the most intricate Magento projects.  And it’s been incredibly successful.  Since its inception last September, and especially now with Partner Profiles taking tally, Solution Partners have been locked in an arms race to see who would certify the most engineers.

A key aspect of Magento’s program is that it has two certification levels: standard and Plus. Magento Certified engineers know their Magento, no doubt about it. But it’s the Magento Certified Plus developers who are the real stars. When evaluating a Magento partner’s expertise, it’s important to distinguish between the two levels. While other firms have been boasting of a handful of regular old certified developers, Corra can confirm that 9 of its software engineers are currently Magento Certified Plus developers, with more on the way. Not only that, Corra has a 100% pass rate for its developers taking the advanced exam.

For an engineer, becoming Magento Certified Plus is no small feat. After hours of arduous study, only professionals who have already had real-world experience with Magento implementations can sit for the advanced-level Plus exam. Created by Magento gurus using the most rigorous industry standards, the Magento Certified Developer Plus exam sets its survivors apart from the competition, objectively identifying them as the cream of the developer crop.  By choosing Solution Partners with lots of Certified Plus developers for their Magento projects, merchants can be assured of the quality of work they will be receiving and can feel confident that the solutions they implement will only add value to their ecommerce endeavors.

So certification benefits everyone—merchants use it to find the best Solutions Partners for their projects, while Solutions Partners use it as a spotlight to help themselves be found.  And with Magento’s new requirement of having four Certified Developers in order to maintain Gold status, the credibility of the Gold Solutions Partners and their development teams is confirmed as well as the soundness of Magento’s metric for selecting Gold partners.

So, when you’re on Magento’s partner page looking for a solution provider for your project, be sure to look for the badges on each partner’s page showing how many certified developers they have on staff. And to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples, remember the important distinction between Certified and Certified Plus.

As a longtime Gold Solutions Partner now with 9 Magento Certified Plus Developers, at Corra, we continue to set the pace for quality and expertise.


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