High-Fashion + High-Tech: a NYFW Roundup

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Sasha Butkovich

This September’s New York Fashion Week recently wrapped, and it was yet another exciting display of creativity and innovation in the fashion industry. One especially exciting aspect for those of us in the digital space was the use of technology to create groundbreaking experiences.

The media coverage shows how unexpected collaborations between fashion labels and technology brands like Intel and Samsung created unforgettable, attention-grabbing shows. It is proof that the intersection of high-tech and high-fashion continues to expand in fun and innovative ways.

From virtual reality to wearables to 3D printing and beyond, we’ve rounded up the best articles for you to get a sense of how technology impacted this NYFW. Take a look!

7 digital leaders at New York Fashion Week 2017

“The icon [Tom Ford] is set to combine both his men’s and womenswear collections in one immediately-shoppable AW16 collection, rather than presenting SS17. “In a world that has become increasingly immediate, the current way of showing a collection, four months before it is available to customers, is an antiquated idea and one that no longer makes sense,” he said of his decision.”

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Interactive Mirror Displays Bring Visual Magic to New York Fashion Week Event

“Samsung’s mirror displays bring a sense of magic to traditional retail mirrors by embedding LCD screen layers right in the mirror glass — so what seems like a normal mirror also functions as a product showcase and handy tool for shoppers. Retailers can highlight specific products, color variations and accessories that “work” with the items a shopper is trying on — all without the shopper ever having to leave the dressing room.”

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Wearable tech at NYFW 2016: VR runways, Fila shoes and intelligent handbags

“The big addition this year is Intel, IMG & Voke’s virtual reality experiment. Fashion fans have been used to livestreaming for a while but now you can livestream fashion shows in 360 degrees via Voke’s Samsung Gear VR (if you have one) or on … If you missed them, you can still catch up with the shows in 360 degrees and it’s actually very close to the real thing, turning between models so as not to miss a detail.”

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Michael Kors Unveils a Smartwatch for the Fashion Set

“The smartwatch slips the latest Silicon Valley technology (a voice-activated Google search, fitness tracking, social media alerts) into a familiar line of watches that already have a proven pedigree among the style set. Indeed, over the last five years, it seems as if a chunky Michael Kors oversize watch has graced the wrist of every other female fashion professional under 30.”

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On the Runway: Lessons From New York Fashion Week

“Realize it’s about more than the clothes. Yes, the clothes matter, but Fashion Week hits on something we’ve written abouta number of times before here at Associations Now:  Your attendees aren’t looking for an ordinary meeting, with speakers talking at them in sterile conference rooms. They want an experience and to feel like they’re a part of something. NYFW is a good reminder that experience counts.”

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