10 Incredible Headless Commerce Implementations

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If you’re going to invest revenue and resources on a website build, you’ll want it to be future proof. You’ll want your front and back end to be decoupled so you’re not bound to one platform or CMS. Headless commerce enables a new generation of omnichannelists— merchants who view every device as a checkout and every screen as a way to engage their audience. 

Corra believes the future of commerce is headless. Consumer demands are evolving at an increasingly rapid pace and traditional systems struggle to stay up-to-date. Headless commerce is a framework for enabling front-end exploration and innovation. Learn how 10 leading brands are adopting a decoupled approach and why Corra’s investing our resources in becoming leaders in this solution on behalf of our clients.


Supplying shisha to over 100 countries requires an e-commerce interface that can manage high demand and heavy traffic. Corra implemented a headless architecture for Al Fakher that increased website speed, allowed composable website design, and reduced bounce rate.


This was a true headless project where Adobe AEM is being leveraged for the front end and the backend is Magento Cloud.

After successfully completing the project and launching two different sites, Assa Abloy signed on for TotalCare to support future growth and innovation across multiple brands in their portfolio.


Brittain’s number one independent skincare brand Elemis was tied to a migration project at a different agency when they tasked Corra with building a lightning-fast progressive web app (PWA). Mobile-first and future-proof our out-of-the-box PWA accelerator, Pylot, had to make up lost time.

Considering 80% of Elemis’ traffic was mobile, Corra built two equally fast PWAs to cater to both EU and US markets. Seamless interactive before/after views, storytelling experiences, a modern mini-cart, and more saw a 150% lift in transactions, with mobile conversion rates increasing an astounding 483%.


Family-owned culinary outfitters Happy Chef needed a mobile-first app-like experience seamless on any touchpoint to satisfy their burgeoning mobile traffic. The goal was to migrate from a legacy system and build a lightning-fast PWA accentuated by a strategic UX overhaul.

Corra replatformed to Adobe Commerce and built a PWA with our accelerator, Pylot, increasing page-load time exponentially. A no-code CMS, a fully customizable configurator to order uniforms, mobile-friendly payment methods, and more increased AOV by 21%.


Jomashop, an ecommerce giant of luxury timepieces and accessories, tasked Corra with a new customer experience and platform, a lightning-fast PWA, and a redesign to break out of its watch-centric brand identity to attract new audiences without alienating its existing customer base.

The new PWA gives Jomashop’s 70% mobile traffic an experience aligned with their behavior on smaller devices. The fresh design and feel appeal to a younger demographic and expand its reach to new consumers as Corra’s team continues work optimizing its site and personalizing content.


Lifelines is a company with a mission: Melissa and Doug Bernstein (who got their claim to fame with a toy company that bears their names), founded Lifelines to reinvent well-being products and programs to help people lead more authentic lives. Their website design and development project wasn’t about conversion rates and sales analytics but was instead focused on personal healing through narrative and insight. Corra created a business model, content strategy, UX and UI design, and installed a state of the art PWA to help Melissa and Doug on their mission towards mental health and emotional well-being. With almost 47,000 visitors in a single day, it’s safe to say the switch to headless was a success. 


An industry leading lifestyle brand like Mud Pie needs a digital presence that matches their cutting edge style and ambitious goals. Corra invigorated their e-commerce storefront with a headless redesign that netted a 90% increase in users starting a checkout process while losing no search traffic during the website’s replatform.


Salt Life needed an e-commerce architecture that would match the growth of their brand. Corra implemented one of the fastest PWA’s ever built on Adobe by leveraging PYLOT, a feature complete and composable PWA. After the switch, Salt Life saw a 40% increase in organic traffic, 50% decrease in bounce rate, and a 15% percent increase in mobile conversion rate.


With 72% of their traffic coming from mobile devices, SuperATV needed to upgrade from their monolithic architecture to a lightning fast and composable PWA. With help from Corra, SuperATV’s new headless architecture saw a 6.8% increase in reviews and a doubling of visitor impression rate.


Headless architecture is a key ingredient for success for B2B websites as well. Jennifer Hill, the ecommerce manager at Tacony, a wholesale distributor of premium sewing machines, says “For us, PWA is about making sure that customers have access to our product schematics, even when they don’t have connection. It’s going to put us one step ahead of the competition.” After the switch to headless with a PWA front end, Tacony’s customers have those schematics and more.



If your front end is currently coupled with your back end, and you want freedom, flexibility, and the option to make updates with ease, reach out to Corra. In the meantime, stay a little while, browse our case studies, or check out more insightful blog content here.


For 20 years our strategists, engineers, and UX designers have been building leading-edge ecommerce sites. From the cloud to the edge, we’ll help you make smart decisions and speed time-to-value, whether you’re building from scratch or moving to a new platform.

Corra, a Publicis Sapient company, is the global commerce leader and SI helping brands and organizations grow by evaluating, building, and optimizing their digital commerce ecosystems. Our vast experience with composable and headless implementations speeds time-to-value and provides technical freedom to our clients. Our TotalCare managed services program provides gold-standard support, enhancements and ongoing commerce strategy. We are strategic thinkers, accomplished engineers, and award-winning experience designers. We believe outstanding customer experiences can’t exist without flawless technology, and that flawless technology is pointless without beautiful, human-centered design. Our clients are an integral part of our team. Together, we remove the obstacles that are limiting growth and discover new opportunities. We don’t rest until our clients achieve their full potential. Our clients’ KPIs are our KPIs. We have 20 years of experience in commerce technology, but we also know that customer expectations are constantly evolving. For this reason, we’ve built future-proof solutions and refined an agile execution process that helps our clients achieve more with less. As a Publicis Sapient company, Corra joins a global network spanning 20,000 people with 53 offices around the world enabling us to accelerate our clients’ businesses through designing and building the experiences and services their customers demand.

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