Corra Launches 7 For All Mankind and Splendid on Magento Commerce Cloud

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Erica Mazzucato

Established in 1975, Delta Galil Industries is among the largest apparel manufacturers in the world. In 2016, it acquired Splendid and 7 For All Mankind, a global denim brand with more than 100 retail locations and, last year, saw its sales increase by 16% to a record of $1.4 BN. Commenting on the accomplishments of the company, CEO Isaac Dabah said, “We could not succeed if we were not innovative. Innovation is our DNA.” He added that, in 2017, their e-commerce revenue has increased tremendously.

Delta Galil quickly understood that the experience of and was becoming outdated. The brands are famous for the fit, fabric, and quality of the garments, and Delta Galil wanted the new online storefronts to reflect this excellence and innovation. Eager to offer enhanced functionalities, a best-in-class checkout experience, and superior mobile navigation, Delta Galil worked with Corra to transform a vision into reality.


7 For All Mankind Ecommerce


Given its history of successful Magento 2 implementations and its extensive experience with Full Circle ERP integration, Corra understood Delta Galil’s challenges and focused on providing flexibility, performance, and scalability.

Working closely with the client, Corra efficiently migrated and to Magento Commerce Cloud 2.1.9. while ensuring a smooth data flow between the platform and the ERP. To streamline operations, the sites share the same backed configurations, although with different product catalogs and structures. The design of served as a foundation for, maximizing creative and development efforts. Although the two sites share the same elements, each brand identity was brought to life through a unique look and feel.

Prior to conceptualizing the design of, Corra’s Design team conducted extensive user testing and research to determine which header and navigation prototypes would best serve Delta Galil’s existing and new customers. “These insights have proved incredibly valuable. We created an ecosystem that guides shoppers through a seamless purchase journey while inspiring them along the way” said David Yates, UX Lead and Omnichannel Strategist.

Magento Ecommerce Agency Fashion

A perfect balance between editorial content and shoppable product grids breathes new life into the homepage. “Our goal was to free the design from previous limitations”, remarked Jade Jariya, Senior Visual Designer. “We focused on elevating the brand through large lifestyle images, impactful videos, and other opportunities to tell meaningful stories.”
The custom product page design elegantly showcases the beauty and craftsmanship of 7 For All Mankind apparel, and it includes the Denim Fit Guide – an experience that highlights the attributes of 7 For All Mankind jeans and empowers shoppers to find the perfect style.

The unique mega menu stands out among the new functionalities. With its tabbed layout, it provides a shortcut to the entire product offering while weaving inspiration into each key section, from the homepage to product detail pages.

Throughout the project, Corra ensured efficiency and compatibility among a variety of integrations, including Monetate, dotmailer, Planoly, Store Locator, Fits.Me, Clutch, and Instant Search.


In addition to offering a rich experience across all devices, the shared backend of the sites is allowing Delta Galil’s team to manage operations with more efficiency and productivity. Next, Delta Galil and Corra will team up to implement seven international sites.

Erica Mazzucato

Erica Mazzucato is Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Corra. In her role, she defines the go-to-market strategy of the services offered by the agency and serves as an in-house expert on market and industry trends.


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