Corra Sponsors IRWD Web Design and Usability Conference

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Consumers may have certain expectations as to how a web site should perform, but true online success doesn’t simply follow convention. It innovates, and engages, and creates a unique user experience that is as exciting and rooted in brand personality as it is intuitive.

We’re excited to announce that Corra will be attending Internet Retailer’s Web Design and Usability Conference (IRWD), taking place February 11-13 in OMNI Orlando Resort in Florida.   The conference will provide strategies and techniques for creating websites that quickly communicate brand identity, product quality and assortment.

Come meet the Corra team in Booth #215! And for more information about the IRWD agenda, visit



CorraTech is now Corra!


For 20 years our strategists, engineers, and UX designers have been building leading-edge ecommerce sites. From the cloud to the edge, we’ll help you make smart decisions and speed time-to-value, whether you’re building from scratch or moving to a new platform.


Corra is the global digital agency that helps growing brands and organizations make the right decisions across their entire digital commerce ecosystem. Combining technical expertise with strategic and creative vision, we pioneer the next generation of commerce solutions to shape future-proof experiences around the evolving needs of your customers.

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