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Duke Marr

A collection of audits and actionable findings designed to increase conversions by at least 15% in 30 days.

To run a small to medium-sized ecommerce business, you need to be a committed dilettante. You should be well-versed in an extremely wide range of diverse topics spanning from supply chain logistics to customer experience to SEO. And a host of rapidly changing technology platforms and systems. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Even large enterprises lack expertise in every single discipline affecting your revenue. Have you ever been so focused on the day-to-day of running your business that you asked yourself, what can I do to increase conversions? Or why is my site slow or getting so little organic traffic? 


At Corra we have a team filled with many former ecommerce merchants; so we understand exactly this challenge. That’s why we recently released the Conversion Accelerator package designed to help alleviate these common pain points. 

As the SVP of Digital Strategy at Corra, I oversee the disciplines that work collaboratively to execute on this Conversion Accelerator: Customer Experience Designers, SEO Engineers, Digital Experience Strategists and Page-speed Engineers. I ensure these disciplines not only align, but integrate and inform each other. For instance, when one of our Digital Experience Designers is working on a site hierarchy, they’re not only looking at heatmaps and analyzing data, they’re also consulting one of our SEO Engineers on the relative keyword value of terms in the navigational hierarchy. Similarly, because Google penalizes slow mobile load times in rankings, our Page Speed Engineers will work directly with the SEO team to ensure a client’s site is performing at its peak and ranking higher than their competitors. It’s this approach that enables Corra to deliver such impressive conversion lifts for our clients. Our experts inform each other throughout the project timeline to determine the right strategies to implement. 

The Conversion Accelerator consists of a series of audits conducted in parallel, as well as actionable findings outlined in an Integrated Commerce Roadmap that summarizes your path forward. 

  • Customer Experience Audit – The CX Audit will help you identify blockages in your conversion funnel and which fixes and enhancements to prioritize. The key deliverable is a data-driven CX Report triangulating quantitative and qualitative data from a suite of monitoring tools that generate heat maps, session recordings and surveys. 
  • SEO Core Audit – The SEO Core Audit will identify which search performance opportunities you may not have considered yet, and determine strategies for organic discovery in Google search results. The key deliverable is a strategic report analyzing 60 dimensions of ecommerce functionalities that impact SEO performance.
  • Site Speed Audit – The site speed audit will determine which page types, traffic segments and devices need enhancements to boost your page speed immediately.  The key deliverable is an intuitive, real-time report with consolidated data pulled from 10+ different dimensions and as many data points as possible, including a list of priorities. 
  • Optimization Audit – The Optimization Audit will assess whether you’re delivering the right personalized recommendations to the right segments. We will analyze your homepage, PDP, and checkout to make sure they’re fully optimized. Corra’s Digital Experience Strategists will deliver aggregated recommendations for enhancements, personalization and testing.


Overall, the Conversion Accelerator is a fixed-price package designed to produce quick wins and long-term principles that will inform your digital commerce business and drive ROI. Upon implementation of findings, expect a conversion rate increase by at least 15% (based on previous results from Corra’s clients). The package can also be customized to your specific requirements. If you have a substantial internal SEO team, for example, Corra can tailor the offering to exclude the services you may not need. 

If you’d like to learn more about our Conversion Accelerator, get in touch with Corra today. We’d love to chat through how we can help you increase your revenue and assist in achieving your strategic business goals.


Duke Marr

Duke Marr is Corra's Senior VP of Digital Strategy and Customer Experience. In this role, he oversees three practice areas: Design, Optimization and Insights. Duke has enjoyed a 20+ year career in ecommerce, working on both agency and brand sides.


Corra is the global digital agency that leading brands and B2B organizations trust to accelerate their growth. Working at the intersection of commerce technology and customer experience strategy, we deliver comprehensive digital solutions that convert and retain customers in the long term.

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