Contentful, Corsair, and Corra: Exhibiting the Possibilities of Composable Content Management

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These days, an ecommerce site needs to have more than basic commerce capability—a streamlined checkout flow, detailed PDP, and a comprehensive megamenu are the bare minimum of expectations for today’s consumer. 

A fully modern commerce site should be as much a content-oriented experience as it is focused on commerce. In today’s composable world, merchants are free to choose best-of-breed vendors to make sure that every aspect of their website best meets, and hopefully exceeds expectations. 


Having been leaders in the headless space for years now, Corra is thrilled to be moving into creating composable solutions for our clients. One of the composable projects we’re very excited about is Corsair’s new commerce solution. 

Corsair is a multi-billion dollar, multinational computer hardware and accessories company that supplies gaming computer components to the most committed users around the world. With a SKU inventory in the tens of thousands, many of those parts having hyper-complex configuration and optionality potential, a composable solution makes the most sense as it allows a fully customized and unique frontend experience where customers can interact with and explore all of Corsair’s product offerings.

The project is hosted on Shopify Plus, adding another exciting layer to the project for Corra. This is an innovative and forward-thinking project for all involved; it is a project of which we hope there are many more of its kind. 


Corsair’s commerce suite utilizes Contentful to manage the website’s content. Contentful is a leading composable content platform for digital-first businesses. 

 The Contentful API-first platform integrates easily with data sources and new functionality as digital experiences and technology evolve. With built-in orchestration, a robust app ecosystem, and app framework to easily extend the platform, Contentful frees teams across businesses to work together to connect, create, and extend content more efficiently. Contentful helps companies unlock the power of digital content so they can build faster and deliver at scale, making their content a strategic business asset.

Corra uses our Pylot framework, a platform agnostic headless storefront and composable accelerator in conjunction with Contentful to create a rich and rewarding set of experiences around Corsair’s products. Pylot and Contentful’s platform agnosticism is a key callout, as it showcases the multiplicity of use-case that makes composable solutions so exciting. Both Pylot and Contentful can be mixed and matched between many different vendors, components, and platforms allowing merchants to choose the best provider for each requirement.

Contentful was integrated into Shopify Plus creating a robust product filter with mega menu optionality.


Corsair is a product-rich brand. They have many categories of product types, and many, many individual products within those categories. The goal of Contentful and Corra was to work together to find the most innovative and conversion-friendly way to showcase these products. 

The website is highly interactive and almost every single page uses Contentful. One interactive feature uses an animation of a home PC setup. As shoppers click hotspots on the animated computer, they are presented with detailed product information and purchase options on site. 

For example, if the customer clicks on the computer case in the animated graphic, the graphic will zoom in on the case and show the user configurations and product options about that computer case. This way, the customer’s experience is not looking at still-life photos of a computer case, but interacting with the many possible variations of computer cases before making their decision. 

Find the newest component for your PC build using interactive hotspots with built-in discovery capabilities.

Contentful’s composable content platform allowed Corra to set up configuration tables that allow developers to select from dropdown menus that illustrate the configuration options for each product. The Pylot and Contentful integration is highlighted in features like this configuration table—what previously would have been a labor-intensive slog to exhibit all the product optionality is now streamlined into dropdown menus and product configuration graphics that update in real time. This not only makes shopping easier, but also makes development and in-house website management as easy as navigating options in a dropdown menu. 

Contentful’s data tables make updating product options on the backend and configuring products on the frontend easy.

A large majority of the website’s data is disseminated through these configuration tables. Page after page of product specifications are organized and presented in relation to the products they have compatibility with making shopping for complex technical computer parts intuitive and time-efficient. The website acts as a showcase for Corsair’s products but also as a computer expert, guiding shoppers through complex compatibility requirements making sure they buy the products that function with one another and fulfill their needs. All of this functionality isn’t possible without Contentful’s composable content management systems.  


Composable commerce allows merchants to build experiences that were previously impossible and the Corsair website is a prime example of that. Showcasing this much data and presenting it in an interactive and comprehensive way that is easily scalable and updatable isn’t possible without a composable architecture. 


Crafting the Future of Commerce

Corra, a Publicis Sapient company, is the global commerce leader and SI helping brands and organizations grow by evaluating, building, and optimizing their digital commerce ecosystems. Our vast experience with composable and headless implementations speeds time-to-value and provides technical freedom to our clients. Our TotalCare managed services program provides gold-standard support, enhancements and ongoing commerce strategy. We are strategic thinkers, accomplished engineers, and award-winning experience designers. We believe outstanding customer experiences can’t exist without flawless technology, and that flawless technology is pointless without beautiful, human-centered design. Our clients are an integral part of our team. Together, we remove the obstacles that are limiting growth and discover new opportunities. We don’t rest until our clients achieve their full potential. Our clients’ KPIs are our KPIs. We have 20 years of experience in commerce technology, but we also know that customer expectations are constantly evolving. For this reason, we’ve built future-proof solutions and refined an agile execution process that helps our clients achieve more with less. As a Publicis Sapient company, Corra joins a global network spanning 20,000 people with 53 offices around the world enabling us to accelerate our clients’ businesses through designing and building the experiences and services their customers demand.

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