Certified E-Commerce Consultant at Corra

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The latest at Corra?  Heather Nigro is now officially a Certified Ecommerce Consultant! (Way to go, Heather!) Hers is the latest in a series of achievements we’ve been pleased to announce Corra team members have been stacking up (most recent were our BA’s Project Management (PMP) and our hybris Core Developer certifications).

The Ecommerce Consultant certification is awarded by the Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants. Like most certifications, it requires a demonstration of skill and ability through professional references, continuing education, documentation of methods, and good ol’ hands-on experience.

And Heather’s hands-on experience in ecommerce has been pretty expansive–directing online operations for luxury fashion retailer, Marissa Collections; providing eMarketing consulting to Chico’s brands like Soma and White House Black Market; developing online business plans for (which, by the way, brought in over $18 million online per year).

Her recent certification is just more proof of the professionalism and value Corra brings to our projects.

Congratulations, Heather!

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For 20 years our strategists, engineers, and UX designers have been building leading-edge ecommerce sites. From the cloud to the edge, we’ll help you make smart decisions and speed time-to-value, whether you’re building from scratch or moving to a new platform.


Corra is the global digital agency that helps growing brands and organizations make the right decisions across their entire digital commerce ecosystem. Combining technical expertise with strategic and creative vision, we pioneer the next generation of commerce solutions to shape future-proof experiences around the evolving needs of your customers.

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