Corra’s “12 Launches of Christmas”

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NEW YORK, NY–( Dec 20, 2012) Over the course of the 2012 holiday season Corraa leading provider of ecommerce and multi-channel commerce solutions, will celebrate with 12 site launches and re-launches for 12 different clients. These “12 Launches of Christmas” demonstrate the company’s extensive growth over the past year. To give a little back, Corra is also offering some key considerations to merchants to ensure they have a successful 2013. While it remains a busy time of year for online shopping, website launches and redesigns, Corra’s tips are mindful that the New Year is right around the corner.

The tips include:

1. Gather your data: The holiday season is hectic, but you must keep your head on your shoulders and gather as much data as possible to evaluate how you can improve. As soon as the holiday shopping season ends, you’ll have to be ready with a plan for next year. The more data you have, the better prepared you’ll be for setting 2013 goals. Make sure your Google Analytics is set up and running correctly.

2. Get Ready to “Mobile-ize”: Forrester Research predicts that mobile commerce sales will reach $31 billion by 2016. 2012 has already seen massive growth in that area and it’s likely to increase again in 2013. If you haven’t already, it’s time to “mobile-ize” your operation.

3. Don’t Take Your Eye off the Ball: Even as you plan for next year, wring out as much revenue as you can from 2012. There’s still time to make more holiday sales. Conduct more promotions, if necessary, and continue to leverage email marketing campaigns right up through the holidays. And don’t forget about post-Christmas returns: having a seamless returns process gives you yet another chance to make a favorable impression on current and prospective customers. Many customers may be returning or exchanging items they received as gifts, making this the first time they deal with your company. It is an excellent time to impress them and entice them to shop with you in the future.

“Launching twelve ecommerce sites right into the holiday season is a great testament to our team’s commitment and ability to scale,” said Ron Bongo, CEO of Corra. “Likewise, the holidays are a very busy time for our merchant clients, but we also know that it’s a time to start looking ahead. It’s our goal to make the launch process as smooth as possible so our clients can continue to focus on how to maximize sales and market their products.”

Over the course of December and the beginning of January, Corra will have launched ecommerce sites for a dozen different clients in a wide variety of industries including:

  • Zing Revolution, a company that specializes in customized skins for digital devices
  • Lovesac, a contemporary and modular furniture retailer
  • International Military Antiques, the world leader in military antiques and collectibles
  • A multi-channel retailer that sells high-end cameras and equipment
  • A Private-Sale e-tailer of fashionable jewelry and accessories
  • A major national newspaper publisher
  • A company that sells precision weights for scientific and industrial applications
  • A company that sells sneakers and urban clothing
  • A women’s swimsuit e-tailer
  • A B2B designer of fabrics for fabric stores
  • A company that sells musical gear and instruments
  • A company that sells fully customizable dolls


“The smooth launch of our Zing Revolution site was the best holiday gift we could have received this year,” said Laura Lavi, Managing Director of Music Skins. “Missing the deadline would have not only ruined our holiday sales, it would have gotten us off on the wrong foot for 2013. Thankfully, we had Corra to help us get up and running with minimal issues.”

Corra has implemented a wide variety of new features to each of the 12 sites. Many of these additions are intended to enhance the end-user’s experience and make the online shopping process simpler and more dynamic. Some of the updates include alerts for users when an out-of-stock product returns to stock, a “find near me” feature which tells customers if a product is in-stock at a nearby physical retail location, and custom shipping attributes to allow each product to have multiple flat shipping rates.


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