Top 3 Benefits of Responsive Design

| By: Corra

Corra Explores the Benefits of Responsive Web Design for Ecommerce in Apparel Magazine

How do you develop a site that feels integrated on multiple platforms but also looks and acts differently depending upon the device your customer is using at any given time? A single ecommerce site that provides an integrated user experience regardless of the device it’s accessed from. In other words, an ecommerce site with responsive web design.

In the last year or so, responsive web design has gone from an ecommerce “nice-to-have” to an ecommerce must-have for any forward thinking brand or retailer. Here’s why:

1. It’s what customers want. A recent survey by Accenture found that 49 percent of respondents said “integrating stores/online/mobile” is where retailers need to improve the shopping experience most.

2. It helps connect the dots. By building a single responsive site with a single log-in for customers, retailers can gain additional insight into how their customers are using various devices in tandem and how they’re using them differently.

3. You can set it one time, and forget it. Creating ecommerce site using responsive design will probably cost more than building a desktop-only system. But so will building device-specific solutions (like a separate mobile site). The responsive approach is more cost effective in the long-term.

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