The Optimization Webinar Series

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Sean Roker

Presented by Corra’s Optimization + SEO Practice Lead, Van Schlichting, this 4-part Optimization Webinar Series addresses key topics to help managers and executives increase the value of their campaigns. In these sessions, Van covers optimizing for the holidays, scaling your optimization program, leveraging organizational knowledge, and creating cross-device experiences. With each topic lasting 15 minutes or less, this series is for anyone who wants to get the most information for their time.

To find out more about Corra’s optimization services, please visit our Multiplatform Services page or fill out our contact form.

Part 1 – Optimizing for the Holidays


Part 2 – Scaling Your Optimization Program


Part 3 – Leveraging Organizational Knowledge


Part 4 – Creating Cross-Device Experiences


Corra is a digital agency creating transformative commerce experiences for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. With headquarters in New York, Los Angeles and London, Corra provides strategically led creative and technology solutions to a growing global market.

Sean Roker

Sean Roker is Director of Marketing at Corra. Sean is puts his marketing acumen and deep knowledge of Corra to use in leading the marketing team. As a longtime member of the Corra team, Sean has worn many hats within the marketing department, including his previous roles as Marketing Manager and Demand Generation Manager.


Corra is the global digital agency that lifestyle brands trust to accelerate their growth. Working at the intersection of commerce technology and customer experience strategy, we deliver complex digital solutions to leading B2C and B2B retailers.

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