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Martina England

There’s no shortage of advice for ecommerce and omnichannel retailers leading up to Q4. The holiday season is such a key sales period, every merchant wants to make the most of it.

Rather than wading through everything the Internet has to offer on the subject, we wanted to share some key pieces from our trusted partner network. The technology partners Corra works with are the best in the industry, and they’ve pulled together some truly insightful content. Take a look through the resources below, and get the holiday tips and strategies you need for the season ahead.


You’re definitely going to want to download Magento’s latest eBook. The “2017 Holiday Commerce Outlook” is full of strategies and tactics you can use to drive success for your business during the peak season.

For additional resources from the platform, visit the Magento blog. This page is updated regularly with timely content, including insights from their own partner network. Holiday blogs are rolling out already, so check back often.


The Nosto blog is always a great resource for merchants looking for ecommerce news, tips and tricks. They will also be releasing a holiday eBook at the end of the month, so stay tuned for that.

In addition to their blog content, Nosto is also sharing a valuable whitepaper that’s perfect for the season. “6 Things You Need to Do to be Prepared for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Beyond” pretty well sums up its contents in the name. This guide really covers the holiday basics for every ecommerce merchant and provides actionable insights that everyone, from the newest player in ecommerce to old pros, should follow.


Klarna publishes helpful content throughout the year on their Knowledge Hub. They focus on key ecommerce topics, including cart abandonment, conversion, mobile commerce and payments.

In the months to come, the creative minds at Klarna will be rolling out holiday-specific content. Visit the Knowledge Hub for articles like “US Millennials and the New Frontier of Financing,” “How can you stand out this holiday season without discounts?” and more.


Listrak’s Holiday Insights Center is a great hub for all kinds of content. From webinars and whitepapers to blog posts and inspiration, they have merchants covered with revenue-boosting strategies for the holiday season. Particularly interesting is their article on Post Holiday Prep. While we spend so much time preparing for the holiday onslaught, we often slack on the follow-up. The new customers and interest you acquire during the holidays have massive return purchase potential, and this post discusses a few ways to keep them engaged.

In addition, Listrak shared some insights from the 2016 holiday season with Corra that we wanted to highlight here. Last year, they found that ⅓ of the retail emails received between October-December included a holiday keyword. Consider using these keywords in your email strategy!

  • Black Friday
  • Boxing Day
  • Christmas
  • Cyber Monday
  • Free Shipping Day
  • Green Monday
  • Hanukkah
  • Super Saturday



Personalization is a key strategy for driving sales and revenue all year long, and can be particularly valuable during the holiday season. Monetate offers many tips on their blog. In one recent post, they offer advice to prepare for the school shopping season, an important precursor to the holidays. Additional holiday content will be available there in September, so make sure to check back for the latest.

For additional resources about personalization you can use in Q4, download Monetate’s 2017 Personalization Development Study and their Demystifying Personalization whitepaper.


For personalized advice from the Corra team on how to prep your site for Q4, contact us today.

Martina England

Martina England is Director of Global Strategic Alliances at Corra. In her role, Martina chooses and manages the partners in Corra’s best-in-class Alliances Program to create a cohesive ecosystem for our clients. Martina has worked in the ecommerce industry for over five years with experience spanning client relations, corporate strategy and alliances.


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