SAP Hybris Commerce Accelerators, Decoded

| By: Sandeep Johal

For retailers considering the SAP Hybris platform for their ecommerce business, there are a few points you will want to weigh first and foremost. It’s important to determine whether the platform will make a good fit, and also to understand the basics of the unique Commerce Accelerators native SAP Hybris offers, particularly for those in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle sectors.

For many organizations, speed to market is key when deploying a new ecommerce site. Our ever-growing instant gratification culture often leads to a demand for short development cycles and full-fledged solutions. Add to that the complexity of a long list of integrations, whether it be with internal or third-party systems, and the development process can become truly messy.

Generally speaking, mid to high-tier retailers who prioritize speed to market will be a good fit for SAP Hybris. Some additional considerations also come into play. SAP Hybris is great for those with a B2B need, as well as those who have an international component to their business. Omnichannel features are also straightforward and easy to achieve on this platform. The user experience is enhanced with advanced personalization capabilities and “searchandising,” or merchandising product search results.

This isn’t to say that other platforms cannot also handle these issues, but SAP Hybris offers a potential solution for both B2C and B2B organizations across multiple industries that check the boxes listed above. SAP Hybris offers a number of ready-to-use Accelerators out of the box that allow for a site to be up and running in a mere 90 days. These fully customizable Accelerators currently include the following:

  • B2C Electronics
  • B2C Apparel
  • B2B
  • Telco
  • Financial Services
  • B2C China
  • B2B China
  • Travel


Since Corra primarily caters to retailers within the fashion, beauty and lifestyle sectors, our eyes naturally fall to the B2C Apparel Accelerator. As with all the Accelerators, this offers a fully integrated starter solution in the form of a working storefront across devices with supporting business tools.

A single Accelerator demonstrates just some of the functionality SAP Hybris offers out of the box. It is possible to pick and choose features across all Accelerators to meet a client’s specific requirements. A quick look at the B2C and B2B Accelerators demonstrates support for the following:

  • International clients can benefit from either hosting separate storefronts for different territories (single language, single currency) or a shared site offering multi-language and multi-currency selection.
  • Clients with physical stores accompanying their online site can provide users with visibility of stock across all of their locations, for each product, as well as a buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) option.
  • The ability to import/export shopping cart contents, order products in bulk via a product grid, and the ability to negotiate and approve prices are particularly useful for B2B clients.
  • The store locator integrated with Google maps, as well as social network integration, fulfill popular client asks from day one.
  • Flexible checkout process for both B2C and B2B users allows one site to handle both business models.

In addition to all these capabilities, call center and order management functionality can be included as well. SAP Hybris is also pre-integrated with a number of other SAP solutions, making those third-party integrations much easier to handle.

On the whole, the SAP Hybris Accelerators aim to make ecommerce implementations easier, whether that means having a site up and running as soon as possible, or allowing clients to spend more time on rebranding and customizing features. Rather than worrying about delivery of the basic website functions that consumers will always expect, retailers can focus on their business goals – all for what should be less time and less cost.

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