Is Responsive Web Design for You?

| By: Corra

Corra Designer Darla Sawler Addresses Benefits of Responsive Design in Internet Retailer

Responsive Web Design Strategy

In a feature article with Internet Retailer magazine, Darla Sawler, Interaction Designer at Corra, lends her thoughts on the functional benefits of responsive web design as a mobile strategy for brands and retailers.

“The pro with pure responsive is that you have a single, flexible overall design and code base that adapts on the fly to the device type,” Darla says. “RESS today is what pure responsive was a few years ago–a technique being worked out by some leading developers and designers that gradually made it into the mainstream. We’ll be building a majority of our sites with the hybrid approach within 12 to 18 months.”

Visit Internet Retailer for Darla Sawler’s full insight on Responsive Design.

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