VIDEO: IMA Guns for New Reality Show on National Geographic

| By: Corra

National Geographic will Feature Corra's client, International Military Antiques, in a New Reality Show

International Military Antiques, the world’s leading military collectibles trader, is making it’s own television debut! The longtime Corra client will be partnering with National Geographic to air a new reality-TV show called “Family Guns.” Premiering September 12 at 10pm, the mini-series will offer an insider look at the esoteric business of antique weapon supply. From the excitement of equipping big name war productions like “Saving Private Ryan” and HBO’s “Band of Brothers,” to the inevitable melodrama (and comedy!) of mixing family and business, this show’s gonna have everything. Everything!

Be sure to tune in to the premiere of Family Guns–10 pm, September 12 on National Geographic!


Update (9/12/2012): Magento gives IMA a shout out for their upcoming premiere of Family Guns. Read it on the Magento website, and tune in to National Geographic at 10 pm today!


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