How to Choose–Deciding on an Ecommerce Platform

| By: Corra

Internet Retailer Interviews International Military Antiques about Choosing an Ecommerce Platform

Like buying a used car, choosing an ecommerce platform isn’t simply a matter of getting what’s cheapest. It’s about getting the best overall value for the online business.

Tons of other concerns should initially trump a too-good-to-be-true price tag–assurance that the platform can create the user experience you want; that it complements your long-term goals and projected growth; that it can help you hold your own against high-performance and feature-rich competitors, etc…And then price should be taken into consideration. Why? Because just like fixing up a clunker, pinching pennies can mean constant bug-fixing and customizations that end up costing more than the seemingly expensive alternative.

In an interview with Internet Retailer, Alex Cranmer, VP of International Military Antiques, and other ecommerce execs shared their stories about their trials and errors and how they finally selected an ecommerce platform for their business. Cranmer highlighted his upgrade from Magento Community to Enterprise Edition and the helpful insight Corra offered for the switch.

Here’s the full story at Internet Retailer.



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