Ecommerce News for the Week Ahead: May 4

| By: Corra

Kick the week off right by catching up on the latest industry news. Corra is bringing you the top ecommerce and multi-channel headlines of the past week, so read on for the big stories from April 27 through today.

A HubSpot study finds, among many interesting trends, that we currently find ourselves in the tipping point just before mobile internet use begins to outpace desktop use. And while we’re talking about mobile, eConsultancy shared findings from their latest Quarterly Report. It notes that responsive design is the most popular way to optimize for mobile. For any merchants who haven’t implemented a mobile responsive site, it is seriously time to jump on the bandwagon!

Mobile is one significant concern for expanding an online business, but another is appealing to international shoppers around the world. One great example is the way has taken steps to create a great user experience for customers in China with their luxury offerings. Meanwhile, as high-end brands get in on those overseas markets, they are also having some not-so-secret dealings with Uber. Why, you may ask? Three words: same day delivery. I can’t wait for this one to get off the ground.

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Ecommerce Sites Must Be Responsive; But That’s Just the Beginning of Their Mobile Future (HubSpot Blogs)

“For many retailers, addressing the Google algorithm update meant installing responsive design as a catch-all to not lose their Google ranking –– and that’s a great thing for both those brands and their customers. We are currently at the internet tipping point in which mobile and desktop use runs parallel. Mary Meeker predicted this moment in 2008, and a wealth of other experts agree with her that desktop internet use will continue to level off as mobile rises.”

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How are brands optimising for mobile? (eConsultancy)

“Brands are making progress with their mobile strategies, though there’s still plenty to be done. Our latest Quarterly Briefing, produced in partnership with Adobe, looks at The Quest for Mobile Excellence. Here are a few key findings from the report…”

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How dresses up its sales to Chinese web shoppers (Internet Retailer)

“ sells the kind of Western brands China’s increasingly affluent consumers covet, such as Balenciaga, Valentino and Armani. And the web-based retailer’s sales to China have grown since taking steps to make it more comfortable for Chinese shoppers to purchase.”

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Uber Is Quietly Testing A Massive Merchant Delivery Program (Tech Crunch)

“Sources say that Neiman Marcus, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s, Cohen’s Fashion Optical and Hugo Boss are all in talks with the Uber Merchant Delivery program, and one source in particular said that there are over 400 different merchants currently in talks (or already testing) with Uber for same-day delivery. (Cohen’s Fashion Optical and Hugo Boss are both used as examples in the training presentation.)”

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