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Food and Beverage

No one can deny the growth in the food & beverage industry’s ecommerce arm in the last year. Corra has brought together five partners to create a one-day ecommerce conference just for the food & beverage industry.

Join us for six sessions covering topics ranging from the online sale of consumer packaged goods to the current landscape of online alcohol sales. You’ll learn where the industry is now and how to keep up with where it headed.

All sessions open at 1pm EST on March 30th.



How PWAs are Revolutionizing the Food and Beverage Industry

With over 52% of consumers moving to make their grocery purchases online in 2020, it's more important than ever to ensure your ecommerce experience is future-proof. Join Corra's Chief Strategy Officer, Michael Harvey, and Executive Creative Director, Cat McLean as they walk through how PWAs are the future of the food and beverage industry and the many benefits you will gain with a PWA solution.


Michael Harvey, Chief Strategy Officer - Corra
Cat McLean, Executive Creative Director - Corra


D2C Alcohol Shipping 101: Understanding the Rapid Shift to Ecommerce Alcohol Sales

2020 was a massive year for D2C alcohol and ecommerce sales. Covid forced tasting rooms, bars, restaurants, and event venues to close or scale back significantly. Consumers stuck at home realized that they could conveniently order online. In 2021, we've already seen some major announcements from Uber, who plans to acquire Drizly for $1.1 billion, and Vivino, who raised $155 million to accelerate their alcohol marketplace.

Wineries can access 97% of U.S. consumers through licensed direct-to-consumer shipments and have enjoyed channel growth of over $1 billion in recent years. But what about shipments from distilleries, breweries, and retailers? Although they don’t have the same market access, these segments are already growing rapidly and are expected to expand their market footprint in 2021.

The landscape in 2021 will be more competitive than ever. Manufacturers, retailers, marketplaces, and delivery apps will all seek innovative ways to attract and retain new customers. As new players enter the market and existing players look to up their game, it’s important to fully understand compliance and how to operate within the myriad of state regulations.

We’ll cover: What’s the current landscape? What are the basics of direct shipping? How do taxes get charged on alcohol transactions? Can marketplaces sell alcohol?


Kate Rust, Product Manager - Avalara for Beverage Alcohol
Jeff Carroll, General Manager - Avalara for Beverage Alcohol
Kristi Abatti, Tax Compliance Manager - Avalara for Beverage Alcohol
Shannon Fahey, Tax Research Analyst - Avalara for Beverage Alcohol


Driving Digital Transformation Post-Pandemic

If there’s one silver lining we can take away from 2020, it’s that businesses will rapidly transform the way they talk (and run) shop to satisfy ever-increasing customer expectations.

One of our favorite trends? The wave of direct-to-consumer (D2C) organizations. In an effort to meet customers where they are, businesses are directly engaging with, and selling to, their end-customers. D2C is about so much more than setting up new supply chains and commerce channels – businesses now have both direct access to customers and control over the customer experience. So what does it take to overcome the challenges of D2C?

Join us as we discuss four key areas of focus for any company looking to take control of the customer experience: Getting Started, Resources, Customer Data, Customer Loyalty.


Dan Griffin, Head of Partnerships (Americas) - dotdigital


The Power of Personalized Product Discovery:
Food & Beverage

Thanks to online pioneers, such as Amazon, 80% of customers have grown to expect and desire personalized experiences, to be easily connected to relevant products at the right time. Whether they are utilizing the search or browsing category pages, providing your shoppers with customized product discovery based on their real time intent makes for a powerful shopping experience, and leveraging the right tools and technology isn't always so straightforward.

How can you strike the perfect balance between AI automation and strategic control, and what changes can you make to your product pages to ensure you are effectively guiding your shoppers through their purchase journey?

In this session, hear how Bulletproof Coffee, Monin, and other similar brands are leveraging product discovery to increase conversion. Klevu also shares several actionable tips and real life examples on how a few of their Food & Beverage merchants are personalizing their onsite product discovery journey to deliver a hyper-relevant search and navigation experience that converts!


Ford Crane, Strategic Partnerships Manager - Klevu


A Michelin Star Customer Experience, Powered by Nosto & Renowned Fine Foods Brand, Donald Russell

Donald Russell, a renowned Scottish fine foods brand, has been a client of Nosto since 2016. It comes as no surprise that a business that supplies Michelin star restaurants takes pride in the quality of their product – and as their Commerce Experience platform of choice, Nosto empowers their business to provide online shopping journeys that match that quality.

Using a combination of dynamic bundles, pop-ups, email widgets, and 1-on-1 support from a dedicated Nosto Customer Success Manager, Donald Russsell has achieved 10% of sales generated by Nosto-powered experiences, 5% conversion rate using email widgets, and 6% conversion rate through dynamic bundles.

Join us at Commerce Talks for an in-depth look at this leading brand's personalization strategy, including actionable tactics that will help your growth accelerate throughout 2021.


Jason Stewart, Ecommerce and Digital Manager - Donald Russell
Alice Wood, Senior Customer Success Manager International - Nosto


The New Grocery Store: How Food & Beverage Brands Can Power Their D2C Strategies

The food and beverage industry represents one of the fastest-growing sectors in direct-to-consumer sales, a trend that has been kicked into overdrive due to changing consumer shopping behaviors away from brick-and-mortar stores and towards more convenient, cheaper, and subscription-based online offerings. Food and beverage brands of all sizes, from startups to global giants, are recognizing the value in selling directly to their customers as a means to establish deeper customer relationships, increase loyalty, and thrive in the long term.

In this session, we’ll share actionable tips that food and beverage brands can use to launch and sustain an effective D2C strategy using Yotpo’s ecommerce marketing platform and share examples of brands that have found success with this model.


Erin Twyman, Enterprise Client Success Manager - Yotpo


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