Built for going toe-to-toe with hungry grizzlies, YETI Coolers is well known among adventurers for producing top quality coolers and gear. With customers who are habitually in the great outdoors, YETI’s responsive site is content-rich and designed from top to bottom with the user in mind.

Yeti Coolers

YETI’s interactive “About Our Technology” page allows visitors to dive into the details about the product line’s technical features, taking advantage of this engaging design and educating them about YETI’s elite products.

Users can select each technical feature, and click icons for more info.

When an icon is clicked, an overlay illustration displays in depth details.

Product features and benefits are highlighted for the consumer.

An interactive 360 view rotates the product with clickable icons on all sides.

YETI Coolers

The YETI Coolers site offers an exceptional experience on mobile devices. With its clean, minimal design, the responsive site is simple and user-friendly.

Product page features multiple images embedded in the listing.

Integrated video gives customers further resources.

Users can preview available color options.

Details section lists a product’s technological features.

Physical dimensions and capacity help site visitors make a purchase.

Customer reviews are listed and sortable.

Reviews also feature user-submitted photos.

YETI Coolers

The intuitive navigation and simplified taxonomy lend to the overall quality of the user experience.

The menu is shoppable by category and activity, and displays featured items

On the product listing page, users can filter by size and color, as well as preview colors

The size & capacity page shows a side-by-side comparison of all products...

...and shows scale relative to a 6' tall man holding each cooler.