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The Natural Evolution of Commerce Architectures

About the Report

As with any ecosystem, the evolutionary path leading to today’s best-of-breed ecommerce tech stack has been anything but straightforward.

Corra’s Chief Technology Officer, Michael Harvey, dives into a brief history of ecommerce—from the dawn of technologies like Magento and Shopify to the exciting new frontier of headless and composable—and explains the pros and cons of monolithic, headless, and composable architectures that should be considered when transitioning to a best-of-breed, future-proof ecommerce tech stack.

Key Takeaways
  • A brief history of ecommerce from the invention of the World Wide Web to modern day.
  • Monolithic, headless, and composable architectures broken down with the history, components, advantages, and disadvantages of each.
  • How to find the right approach for your business needs with actionable insights.
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