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The Future of Mobile Commerce

About The Report

As ecommerce becomes more easy, convenient, and engaging for consumers, the segment will continue to rake in phenomenal sales — from an estimated $2.8 trillion this year to nearly $3.5 trillion next year. As of 2017, ecommerce sales were already accounting for 10.2 percent of all global retail sales.

Here are some trend predictions of what we can expect in ecommerce over the coming year.

Key Takeaways
  • The reasons why consumers spend over four hours per day on their phones, but mobile conversion rates remain low (and how to address this).
  • Mcommerce advice from payment solution expert Klarna, and ecommerce marketing platform, Yotpo.
  • Actionable recommendations from Corra’s executive creative director, SVP of digital strategy, director of strategic alliances, and more.
  • Why brands like Elemis and Jomashop implemented a Progressive Web App (PWA) to optimize their mobile UX (and 24% of merchants we surveyed are exploring implementing one too).
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