Accelerate Measurable Growth With Personalization and Guided Selling


Learn how to seamlessly blend customer experience with business strategy to create journeys that boost engagement, conversions, and long-term loyalty.

Join our intimate virtual executive roundtable on June 5th at 3pm EST, facilitated by RoAnne de Weerd, Head of CRO and Analytics, and Duke Marr, SVP of Strategy.

This exclusive event fosters active dialogue between all participants to ensure you gain practical insights you can implement immediately.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your approach to customer experience and drive measurable growth. Reserve your seat now!

Discussion topics will include:

  • Interactive product discovery types and exploration: How to engage customers with interactive tools like product configurators and quizzes to enhance their shopping experience
  • Personalization and segmentation opportunities: Explore strategies that deliver tailored content and recommendations based on user preferences and behaviors to drive engagement and conversions.
  • Insights-driven product data enrichment: Activate and visualize your data to create a detailed composite of your customer and enrich product content to improve discovery and relevance, ensuring customers find what they need more efficiently.
  • Building funnels that work for different stages in decision making: Discover techniques for designing sales funnels that effectively guide customers through different stages of the buying journey, maximizing conversions at every step.

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