We’re looking for fun colleagues with serious skills in design, development and ecommerce strategy.

  • “Our Core Values generate our culture. We are committed to each other's success and our clients’ success, and as a result, Corra's success.”

    Marilyn Mereles, VP of Delivery

  • “Being part of the Corra team is like being in a functional, happy family. I'm sure we'd make a terribly boring reality TV show.”

    Laura Schaufelberger, Software Developer

  • “Working at Corra means that you're surrounded by the best talent in the industry, which in turn sets everyone up for success.”

    Cali Shadonix, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

  • “Corra's culture is all about teamwork. That teamwork is based in trust - trust in each other, trust in our process, and trust that we're all working to give the best customer experience possible.”

    John Childers, Director of the Project Management Office

  • “What I like about the culture at Corra is the very friendly and the family-like atmosphere in all offices. Someone is always there to help or discuss things, and employees suggestions are always valued.”

    Bhalin Ramabhadran, Business Analyst (London)

  • “At prior companies where I’ve worked, there was a lot of passing of responsibilities, which can put people in a silo. At Corra there are no lone wolves. Everything we do requires some bit of collaboration.”

    Brian Benic, Director of Sales

  • “Working at Corra means balance. It means challenging work, and being professional. But at the same time, it means having fun, having flexibility, and being a part of a greater entity while still being a driving force in decision making.”

    Danielle Johnson, Talent Acquisition Specialist