The Future of Ecommerce is on the Move  

We live in a mobile world and ecommerce is no exception. Join Corra, Dynamic Yield, Klaviyo, Klevu, and Threekit as we explore how to better reach customers on the go.

In these five sessions, you’ll learn how and why to implement a strategy around progressive web apps, how optimization and personalization drive revenue, how incorporating SMS into your strategy will help your business grow, why 3D and AR are moving the mark with mobile, and how product discovery will drive higher conversion rates.

All sessions go live on June 15th at 1 PM EST.

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How to Overcome Challenges on the Small Screen to Boost Mobile Conversions

Imagine a world where your mobile conversion rate is a true reflection of how much time your audience spends on their phones. Most people check their phones more than 150 times a day... that’s a lot of opportunities to shop. So, why are merchant’s conversion rates on mobile so low?

Join Erica Mazzucato, Senior Product Marketing Manager Corra and author of our recent mobile commerce report as she walks through actionable recommendations to optimize your mobile experience. She’ll also introduce you to Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and walk you through success stories of merchants that leveraged them to increase mobile transactions by 150%.


Erica Mazzucato, Sr. Product Marketing Manager - Corra


The Future of Mobile Report 2021
Dynamic Yield

Mobile Commerce: Closing the Gaps in the Customer Experience

Despite the growth in mobile ecommerce, conversion rates and average order values on desktop still remain higher than on mobile. Mobile customers feel increasingly frustrated by lackluster mobile web experiences and thus, marketers must find innovative ways to improve their mobile CX.

In this session, featuring Dynamic Yield's CMO, Yaniv Navot, learn how the mobile experience can be optimized and personalized to help drive higher conversions and revenue.


Yaniv Navot, CMO - Dynamic Yield


Ecommerce Fact Sheet

How to Successfully Incorporate SMS into your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Marketing has had its fair share of trends and fads. Although SMS seemed like another fad a few years ago, this mobile-first owned channel has become a staple for some of the industry's top DTC brands. Join Klaviyo's SMS expert, Navin Jain, as he explores the opportunity SMS presents for brands of all shapes and sizes.

Learn when a company should start thinking about incorporating SMS into their omnichannel marketing strategies, SMS benchmarks, DTC best practices – and even some SMS mistakes. If you aren't complementing your email with SMS – find out what you're missing. You’ll learn why SMS is important for D2C brands, important ways to use SMS, the benefits of using one marketing tool for both email and SMS together, and more.


Navin Jain, Strategic Account Executive SMS - Klaviyo


SMS Keeps Customers Engaged and Business Growing

Threekit 3D & AR Brings Products to Life
All you Need is a Phone

Threekit powers immersive product experiences in 3D and augmented reality. Consumers can design products to their taste, see all angles and the product in their space, and do it all from their phone with Threekit.

In this session, Threekit will give you a spin of mobile product experiences they bring to life for customers like TaylorMade, Lovesac, and Crate&Barrel, and how to empower consumers to "make it theirs" to drive conversion and order value.  


Lauren Farrer, Alliances - Threekit


ThreeKit Two-Pager

Product Discovery on-the-go: A Practical Guide for a Better Mobile Experience

It’s no secret that consumers are using mobile devices to buy online. A recent Statista report shows that mobile commerce is on pace to reach 73% of the global ecommerce market share by the end of 2021. As mobile shopping continues to grow, improvements to product discovery on mobile make it easier for shoppers to seamlessly navigate your website, find what they are looking for and be able to discover products faster. As a result shoppers are more likely to purchase.

In this session, hear how Colourpop, MADE, Toteme, and other brands are leveraging product discovery to increase conversion. We will share how Puma saw a 52% increase in search-led conversion since optimizing product discovery with Klevu, plus several actionable tips and real life examples from quick-search to filtering, and best practices on how to build a mobile experience that converts and helps shoppers find the products they want to buy.


Dave Hubartt, Solutions Architect - Klevu


Product Discovery On-the-go: A Practical Guide for a Better Mobile Experience

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