Modern Commerce Executive Roundtable


Join us for an informal and interactive virtual roundtable on June 27th, 3pm EST with 10-15 leading B2B executives.

Corra’s CTO, Michael Harvey, will lead and moderate the discussion as we demystify the hype, contextualize the most essential concepts of headless and composable commerce, and explain why adopting a modern approach to digital commerce is an essential business imperative. Co-host Kara Graml, Sr. Marketing Technology Strategist at ASSA ABLOY, will share how she is championing future-oriented technologies in a large B2B organization & the lessons learned from launching multiple transactional commerce sites.

Discussion points to include:

– What are the biggest challenges for our companies right now regarding B2B digital commerce?

– Intro to Strangler Pattern: a continuous, incremental approach to replacing old technology.

– Solving for B2B specific challenges, such as complex product configurations and accommodating complex and irregular B2B sales processes.

– Thoughts and ideas on new initiatives to incorporate into your ecommerce Strategy

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